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A little bit about Jon . . .

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Jon Stackhouse

My goal is to help identify the strengths of my clients and to help them use those strengths to find solutions. 

Hello, my name is Jon Stackhouse, and thank you for taking time out of your day to look at Country Crossroads Counseling.  Growing up, both of my parents were educators, and I believed that would be my path as well for the longest time.  As I grew up, I learned that I wanted to help people and give them the tools they would need to be successful.  That passion lead me to school counseling for 7 years, which has now lead me to Country Crossroads.


I graduated from Northwest Missouri State University in 2014 with my Bachelors in Psychology, and then earned my Masters in Counseling at the University of Central Missouri.  At this time, I am currently pursuing my Doctorate degree in Counseling Education, Leadership, and Supervision at Kansas State University.  My overall goal is to help as many people as I can, both directly through counseling and indirectly by helping teach the next generation of counselors.


My overall approach to counseling is focused on solutions and strengths based counseling.  My goal is to help identify the strengths of my clients and to help them use those strengths to find solutions.  The brain is a muscle, and much like other muscles in our body, it can be strengthened with proper techniques and repetitions.  In my sessions, clients can expect to identify their strengths, acknowledge their areas for growth, and identify ways to use their strengths to help them grow.  Furthermore, clients can expect to receive positive mindset techniques they can use in their daily lives, as well as relaxation and de-escalation techniques they can use on their tougher days.


In my personal time, I am lucky to have a loving wife and kids that I spend the majority of my free time with.  On my own, I love to golf, swim, and work outside.  Whether it’s being out on the town with my friends, playing a video game with my kids, or enjoying a rare moment of peace with my wife, you can bet that I will find a way to have a good time.


Thank you once again for your time!  If there is anything we can do to assist you, please reach out to us!  Take care!

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