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School-Based Therapy Program

Image by Kimberly Farmer
Image by Ivan Aleksic

Mandy Greene

School Based Therapy Coordinator

Our School-Based Therapy Program at Country Crossroads Counseling is designed to provide essential emotional support to students within the school environment. Our program offers a convenient and effective solution for students, parents, and schools, ensuring that students receive the help they need without parents having to take time off work, and with minimal disruption to their school attendance.

Why Choose Our School-Based Therapy?

Convenient Access: Parents don't need to take time off work to get their child to therapy sessions. Our program brings counseling directly to the school.

Minimal School Absences: With therapy available on-site, students miss less school while still receiving essential emotional support.


Expert Counselors: Our experienced counselors specialize in working with students, addressing a variety of emotional and behavioral concerns commonly faced by young individuals.

Is your student experiencing any of the following?

Anxiety and Stress: We equip students with strategies to manage anxiety and stress, helping them excel academically while maintaining good mental health.

Depression: Our counselors create a safe space for students to navigate feelings of sadness and depression.


Behavioral Challenges: We assist in addressing behavioral issues, empowering students with positive coping mechanisms and social skills.

Grief and Loss: Our program supports students coping with loss and grief of close friend, family member and pets.


Academic Pressure: We help students manage academic pressures and boost their self-confidence.

How to Get Started:

Getting started is easy!  Fill out the School Based Intake form, and we'll work with the school and parents to initiate the process, ensuring the student receives the essential support they need.


At Country Crossroads Counseling, we're committed to fostering a supportive environment where students can flourish. Our School-Based Therapy Program offers a convenient, effective, and less disruptive way for students to receive vital emotional support. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make a positive difference in your child's life.


Chilhowee R-IV School District
Clinton School District
Concordia R-2 School District
Crest Ridge School District
Fort Osage R-I School District
Grain Valley R-V School District
Hardin Central C-2 School District
Holden R-III School District
Kingsville R-I School District
Knob Noster School District
Lafayette County C-1 School District
Lee's Summit R7 Public School District
Leeton R-X School District
Lexington R-V School District
Lone Jack C-6 School District
Midway School
Morgan County R-Ii School District
Norborne R-VIII School District
Pleasant Hill School District
Rich Hill R-IV School District
Richmond R-XVI School District
Sherwood Cass School District

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