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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a process in which the client and the therapist meet to explore areas of emotional and social difficulties, which are affecting the client. These concerns may occur in school or in work performance, in relationships, or in everyday living. People seek out individual counseling to examine various aspects of their lives and the difficulties they may be having in solving some of their problems. The client and therapist collaborate to identify and work towards mutually agreed upon therapy goals.

Individual therapy goals vary and may include reducing depression or anxiety, improving self-esteem, enhancing relationship skills, and helping you manage and cope with emotions. Individual counseling can also help you to feel better and function at your best. It can help in achieving a greater understanding and perspective on life experiences (family upbringing, school peer experiences, relationship break-up, academic issues, death, separation, loss, and adjustment to life changes).

Individual counseling provides a safe environment for you to share your deepest thoughts and feelings without judgment. Individual counseling sessions typically last 50 minutes and meet weekly at a regularly scheduled time. Many people are able to communicate and work through emotions and experiences that might be difficult to discuss in other settings. As the relationship between the client and therapist develops, therapy provides a framework for an individual to achieve one's goals and experience the life the client desires.

Relationships are the most important aspect of our lives; how we live, love, and communicate with one another. Over the past 50 years, Modern Psychoanalysis has devised new techniques and strategies to deal with even the most troublesome aspects of romantic relationships, and explore new approaches to emotional communication and personal growth. My practice helps couples figure out all of these complex issues, and I have nearly a decade’s clinical experience with a wide range of problems.

Country Crossroads Counseling, LLC, addresses the needs of couples, both traditional and non-traditional. Serving all areas of conflict and symptom formation including: relationship issues, depression, anxiety, divorce, substance abuse, couples counseling, family counseling, group psychotherapy, and corporate consultation. Read more about couples and marriage counseling here.

Family Counseling

Family counseling is a special form of psychotherapy that focuses on changes within a family system, and understands that family relationships have an impact on the feelings, behaviors and psychological adjustment of every family member. Because family therapists view the family as a system of interacting members, problems that arise in the family are attributed to the system rather than any one family member. Ideally, all or most family members are involved in the therapy process and attend therapy sessions. Family relationships are examined as the source for treating mal-adjustment in one or more of the family members.

When children or adolescents are identified as having psychological problems, family counseling is frequently the preferred treatment option. However, family counseling is also used when adult family members have psychological problems, which significantly affect other family members. In such cases, it is not uncommon for adult family members to seek additional individual therapy.

With younger children, therapists may recommend combining individual, parent, and family therapy sessions. The parent sessions may focus on behavior control, discipline procedures and managing specific behavioral problems. The child's session may focus on self-regulation, improving self-esteem, learning social skills and developing coping skills. The family counseling sessions can then focus on all family members contributing to the identification and resolution of family problems.

In addition to individual, couple and family counseling, Country Crossroads also offers:

Life Coaching, Anger Management Evaluations, Staff Trainings/Business Seminars, and Motivational Speaking.


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