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Animal Assisted Therapy

Country Crossroads Counseling is one of only a few places in the Kansas City, MO, area that offers animal assisted therapy with both dogs and horses.


Animal assisted therapy is a special form of therapy that can be used in conjunction with another form of counseling such as individual or family. This is a process in which the client and therapist incorporate animals into the psychotherapy process. The incorporation of animals in the therapy session can range from grooming a horse, playing fetch with a dog, or simply having the dog in the room to pet during the therapy session.


Since this a form of therapy that involves dogs or horses, each session is likely to have different activities depending on the needs of the individual and animals. Country Crossroad Counseling, LLC can incorporate the use of dogs or horses depending on the client’s preference.


Animal assisted therapy can provide numerous benefits such as decreased stress levels, reduced anger and aggression, improved social interactions, and self-empowerment.


Animal assisted therapy has been proven to benefit not only the human individuals involved, but also the animals. According to studies between horses and humans and then dogs and humans, both beings experience positive results from the attention received from the other.






Contact us here to set up an animal assisted therapy session.

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