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Suicide Prevention Training & Speaker

Speaking to make a difference!

Although suicide can be a difficult subject, it needs to be talked about to help others who are struggling and the survivors it leaves behind. Susie Arbo has touched lives and helped educate thousands of people about suicide prevention through workshops and keynote addresses.

While some suicides are sudden and unexpected, there are signs and questions that loved ones can ask to help those struggling with suicidal thoughts. In her talk, Susie outlines many of the red flags to look for and how to handle these situations when they arise.

Susie has personally felt the effects of suicide and understands not only the challenges the individual may face, but the aftermath for the loved ones left.  

Susie Arbo has spoken to thousands of people at schools around the Kansas City, MO area. An experienced public speaker, Susie enjoys encouraging people to help them achieve their life's goals.  Susie first began speaking to groups and businesses when she was a KC Chiefs Cheerleader and Rider of Warpaint for 13 seasons.   Susie now owns a group private counseling practice and travels extensively for speaking engagements. 

Contact Susie for your next event at your:

  • Business or Corporate Event

  • Community or Wellness groups

  • Elementary, Middle or High School

  • Any other event you might have

To request more information about Susie speaking at your event, click here.

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