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Country Crossroads Critters

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Welcome to Country Crossroads Critters, our premier Animal Assisted Therapy Program!

At Country Crossroads Critters, we believe in the healing power of animals. Our program brings together trained therapy animals and compassionate professionals to provide support, comfort, and joy to individuals facing various challenges.


What is Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)? It's a specialized intervention that incorporates animals as an integral part of the therapeutic process. Whether it's reducing anxiety, improving social skills, or enhancing overall well-being, our furry friends have a remarkable ability to connect with people on a profound level.


Here's what sets Country Crossroads Critters apart:


1. Expertise: Our team consists of certified therapists and handlers who have undergone extensive training in animal-assisted interventions. They're dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing environment for our clients.


2. Diverse Animal Companions: From gentle dogs to adorable rabbits, our therapy animals come in all shapes and sizes. Each one is carefully selected and trained to interact with individuals of all ages and backgrounds.


3. Tailored Programs: Whether you're a child with special needs, a senior dealing with isolation, or someone recovering from trauma, we customize our therapy sessions to meet your unique needs and goals.


4. Evidence-Based Approach: We're committed to using evidence-based practices to ensure the effectiveness and safety of our programs. Research has shown that Animal Assisted Therapy can have numerous benefits, including reduced stress, improved mood, and increased social interaction.


5. Community Engagement: In addition to individual therapy sessions, we offer community outreach programs and educational workshops to raise awareness about the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy.


Whether you're seeking support for yourself or a loved one, Country Crossroads Critters is here to help. Take the first step towards healing and happiness by joining our program today. Let our furry friends be your companions on the journey to wellness.


Heather Wilson

Country Crossroads Critters Director

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