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Teen Counseling

The teenage years can be challenging for teens and their parents. They have many new pressures not encountered in childhood, and may not react in the healthiest ways to the problems. What once was a note passed in class is now a post or tweet that can be viewed instantly all over the world on the internet.

Teen counseling is a process in which the client and therapist meet to help the young person with any type of situation imaginable. The situations could be with anger, anxiety, bullying, coping skills, depression, eating disorders, family issues, health, relationships, self-esteem, self harming, suicidal thoughts or trauma.

The teenager and therapist meet to collaborate to identify and work towards mutually agreed upon therapy goals. Teen counseling is much like adult individual counseling in that it provides a safe environment for the younger person to openly share their feelings and thoughts without fear of judgement.

Country Crossroads Counseling is experienced in the challenges teenagers face today and is here to help them get headed in the right direction. Many parents feel that their teen is the only one experiencing the problem but the reality is most teens face complex issues. Our counselors can assist your teen in overcoming the problem and getting them back on track.

Contact us here to set up an teen counseling session.

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