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Holiday Internet Special
Now Through January 1, 2020

$12.50 off Self Paid  26 minute sessions
$25.00 off Self Paid  52 minute sessions 

Offer  good  now  through January 1, 2020.  Discount does not apply towards any sessions billed using insurance.

Free Phone Consultation

We offer free phone consultations to all prospective clients. Please feel free to call and discuss any questions or concerns that you might have about therapy, as well as to get a better idea of whether or not working with us would meet your needs.  Contact us here.

Billable Insurance Rate, Intake Session                                        $190.00

Billable Insurance Rate, Regular Session                                     $125.00

Self Paid discounted rate, Regular 52 minute session                   $100

Counseling Sessions, Facetime, Skype, Phone Sessions

      and Life Coaching                                                             (Reg price $125)

Self Paid 26 minute session                                                       $50.00 

   Counseling Sessions, Facetime, Skype, Phone Sessions,

    and Life Coaching                                                                (Reg price $62.50)

Anger Management Assessment,  Self Paid Rate                          $200 per evaluation

(May be referred to individual anger management sessions)

Rates for Mandy Greene:

Billable Insurance Rate, Intake Session                                           $190.00

Billable Insurance Rate, Regular Session                                         $125.00

Self Paid discounted rate, Regular 52 minute session                       $60.00                         Counseling Sessions                                                                 (Reg price  $125.00) 

Self Paid 26 minute session                                                           $30.00                      Counseling Sessions                                                                     (Reg price $42.50)

Speaking Engagement Fees

Staff Training / Business Seminar                                             Varies per Training

                                                                                                    Avg $500 -$1500 Depends on speaking time, preparation, and travel, 

but I can offer several options to work with many budgets.

Motivational Speaking Engagement                                         Varies per Engagement 

                                                                                                     Avg $500 -$1500 Depends on speaking time, preparation, and travel, 

but I can offer several options to work with many budgets.

Miscellaneous Fees 

Cancellation Fee:   A cancelled appointment hurts three people: you, your therapist, and another client who could have potentially used your time slot. Therapy sessions are scheduled in advance and are a time reserved exclusively for our clients. When a session is cancelled without adequate notice, we are unable to fill this time slot by offering it to another current client, a client on the wait list, or a client with a clinical emergency. In addition, we are unable to bill your insurance company for sessions that are not kept.

Country Crossroads Counseling, LLC charges a $20.00 cancellation fee if appointments are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.  Cancellation fee must be paid before appointment can be rescheduled. 
If you miss two scheduled appointments within a 90 day time period without 24 hours advance notice, the therapeutic relationship will be terminated.

Phone Calls:  Any phone calls after the initial evaluation, relating to client, lasting longer than 10 minutes, will be billed at 15 minute increment (rounded to the nearest 15 minute mark) at $25 per 15 minute increments. Please note that I have other obligations and I am not always available after hours. 

Letters:  Any written letters of verification or recommendation (e.g. compliance of treatment, Support Animal Housing, school correspondence, etc.) are a cost of $25 in addition to the hourly counseling fee. 

Emotional Support Animal Letters (ESA):  Animals can be very helpful for people dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, autism, bipolar, PTSD, and more.   Country Crossroads Counseling can provide you with an ESA Letter.  An appointment is required but can be done over Skpe or Facetime.  The fee for an Emotional Support Animal Letter is $125.

Legal Fees:  As part of the therapeutic process, the therapist does not feel it is beneficial to the treatment process to participate in any legal process concerning therapy that was giving through Country Crossroads Counseling, LLC.  If requested, the therapist will decline. If it becomes necessary to participate (e.g. court order, subpoena), the hourly rate for this therapist’s preparation and testimony in a court hearing is $200 per hour, one hour minimum, and payment will be required in advance.  The hourly rate also begins from the time leaving the office to meet the requested time to arrive at the court house until testimony is complete.  Country Crossroads Counseling, LLC will not make any recommendations as to visitation or custody regarding any clients. 

Medical Records:  From time to time, clients may need a copy of their medical records.  Medical records must be requested by the individual client or have a signed release for the party requesting the records.  Because of the time it takes to compile and transmit the records, a fee of $35 must be paid for the records will be sent. 

In Home Sessions:  Country Crossroads Counseling is also offering a limited number of in home couples and family therapy sessions.  These sessions can cost significantly more due to the increased time and travel required but are convenient for people with busy schedules or physical limitations.

Payment Options

Credit Card, Cash and Checks are welcome.  Payment is due at the time services are rendered.

At this time, Country Crossroads Counseling accepts: Blue Cross Blue Shield, United, Tricare, GEHA, and Coventry.   Please note that all United sessions are 45 minutes.

Country Crossroads Counseling will not submit to secondary insurance policies.

To learn more about our insurance policy, click here.

There are no refunds for unused sessions.  However, there is a two year expiration on the session dates.

**Not currently accepting any new EAP clients at this time.**

Accepts all major credit cards including: