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Anger Management Assessments

Do you need an anger management evaluation for court or for an employer?

Country Crossroads Counseling is excited to offer Anger Management Evaluations, Assessments, and Treatment Plans to the Kansas City area. (The terms, anger management evaluation and anger management assessment, are generally interchangeable.) You can participate in an anger management program on your own, or some participants are referred to the program by probation departments, courts, jails or prisons. Criminal and traffic courts turn to anger management programs to treat defendants.

Some people are required to attend anger management classes as a probation condition. This Anger Management Program fulfills the requirements for probation or dismissal, stipulated in most court-ordered or court-cited anger management orders.

The term, anger management evaluation and anger management assessment is generally interchangeable.

Country Crossroads Counseling Service also provides anger management education to individuals suffering from stress, communication and anger problems. We offer private sessions for those looking for a customized and confidential experience.

Our clients are men and women, like yourself: doctors, students, law enforcement officers, and business owners, who are looking for techniques to deal with frustration and anxiety. If you’re struggling with anger, our personal, individual counseling will help you feel happier, more hopeful, and at peace within yourself.

We will assist you in completing an anger evaluation and provide you with recommendations for how to learn skills on how to deal effectively with your anger. This may include individual or group counseling. 

Anger Management Assessment/Evaluation Rate

Country Crossroads Counseling is proud to offer one of the most economical Anger Management Assessment rates in the Kansas City, Missouri, area.

Anger Management Assessment           $200 per evaluation

may be referred to individual anger management

To set up an Anger Mangagement Assessment, click here.

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